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08-17-2018, 03:36 PM
Before continuing, please read the Pros & Cons of CV's (http://www.mysidiaadoptables.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2154&highlight=custom+version)!

Mysidia Deluxe
Mysidia Deluxe is an open-source custom version of the Mysidia Adoptables script, based off of v1.3.4 and maintained by the community. It is available on GitHub (https://github.com/Dinocanid/Mysidia-Deluxe/tree/master).

The "Why"
Mysidia is a fantastic framework, but it's pretty old and outdated. The goal here is to modernize it and add more built-in features so more people will be inclined to use it.

In-Progress Features

Bugfixes (like the "rn" issue, and reading other user's PMs)
Reskinned ACP for a more modern look
4 brand new themes (2 using Bootstrap 4 and 2 using CSS grids)
More HTML (no formbuilders or tablebuilders, html will be used instead)
More comments in the code, so it's easier to understand what's going on
PHP 7 support (PHP 7.2 not supported yet, it just came out last year so it's pretty low priority)
...and more to come!

Planned Features

Smoother installation
More usage of AJAX
Overhauled trade system
Auction and Raffle system
User shops
Built-in forum (a forum right on the site, not SMF or myBB)
Layered pet image support
Bank system
...and more to come!

This custom version is not yet ready to build a site on. Once it is ready, a downloadable version will be available in the releases section. It is never recommended to use code in the master or subsequent branches, as there can be unsuspected bugs and issues. Releases are the most stable.

08-21-2018, 12:23 AM
The PHP 7 branch has recently been merged into the master branch! Now it allows versions 5.4-7.0, but not 7.2 yet (7.2 can wait I suppose, since it's extremely new and I doubt too many servers are even using it atm)

No bugs have surfaced due to the class renaming yet, but I'm going to check once or twice again just to be sure before I re-apply the bug fixes and start building on the addons.

08-23-2018, 01:30 AM
This is such a cool idea! I want to help contribute but I'm only good at the front end of coding things primarily html and css. :eye:

EDIT: Watching it on my github account: JubilantBunny aka Juby

08-23-2018, 03:04 AM
Hey ... good Idea. :smile: *thumbsup*

08-23-2018, 06:14 AM
Could I also suggest a limited user registration feature?
So users can't register without being emailed a code to register for example.


Also, it would be cool if there was a "pet gallery/collection" so a page where you can tab through the pets you could get.

08-23-2018, 11:55 AM
Thanks guys!

And I'll add those to the list Bexasaurus, they seem like cool ideas. Especially the limited registration thing. I was actually working on that anyway for Wild Souls, but I didn't think of adding it as an option to Deluxe.

Missy Master
08-24-2018, 07:40 PM
Wonderful to see someone working on all this again :)

08-24-2018, 08:35 PM
Thanks! It's open source too, so if any of you make any themes or features you want to add, you can fork the project and make changes to it. Then I can merge it into the main branch if the bugs are smoothed out.