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Default Fluttering Wings Aviary

1. 3rd person only
2. No OOC talk unless it is ((Like this)) and is included along with an actual RP post
3. Have as many characters as you like, please keep track of them
4. To stop RPing a character permanently, have it adopted out
5. Start RPing at any time, but post the following first:
Age & Gender
Species (Give both if a hybrid)
Color Include mutation, if applicable
Markings Give any markings that are unique
Description Any history, personality, physical characteristics that are relevant

My Character:
Name: Pepper; a 1 year old male
Species: Sun Conure
Color: Typical
Markings: None
Desc: Laid back for a Sun, but still loud and hyperactive. He's smart and loves playing with toys and trying to escape. He was a much loved hand-reared baby and has never learned that some people can be bad news. His tail is hacked short from falling so much, but it'll grow in and eventually he should lose his baby 'duck butt'.
Makin' time for makin' free art.

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