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Awesome, thanks!

Every folder and image name is a single word (black, white, tan, blue, inner1 etc). The body part names match the DB columns exactly. Imagick is enabled. I'm lost. ^^'

Earlier I naively thought you'd need access to the x10hosting cpanel to do anything for us, but just realised FTP could be used to poke around, to an extent. If it would help here, I can send you details for that?

(and if you feel like it, maybe do the other mods while you're in there... my paypal is ready lol. I'm just not sure which tasks will require DB access. Guess I'll send you a PM in a few minutes and you can decide.)

edit: oh, another thing that must be asked. How does this script work on pages with multiple creatures? Like the main myadopts page, breeding, user profiles. I'm guessing it doesn't. So we would need to save each griffin's image (or at least a thumbnail-sized version) into a folder somehow, to fetch from... or is there another way?

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