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I don't even know if 1.4.0 is still being worked on, but if it isn't dead, I think user shops (basically the ability to sell pets and items between players) would be a good addition. It can co-exist just fine with a trade system, since Lioden does it (plus so many other pet/sim sites). In that case you could only sell items for currency, while you could trade items and lions for other items, lions, and currency. Buying from shops was instant, while the user had to go through an pick an offer they like from a trade. So basically:
  • User Shops: The ability to sell items (and possibly pets) at a price that the user can set themselves. All transactions are instant from the moment you click "buy". Possibly even ways for the user to decorate, like a custom banner or shop description.
  • Trading: The ability to trade items and pets in return for items, pets, and/or currency. There would be public trades (where anyone can offer), and private trades (where only one user can offer). These are not instant or automatic, and the user would have to manually check back and pick which offer they like best. This also makes auctions possible by design.

Apart from all of that, some sort of paypal integration would be so amazing and extremely useful.

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