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Originally Posted by Dinocanid View Post
It should go above {$menu} so it will show at the top, since it would show at the bottom if you placed it at the end. Since it looks like you're using the main theme, you would have to go into the "media" subfolder and edit this in style-city.css instead:

#image {
border-left:10px solid #fff;
border-right:10px solid #fff;
border-bottom:5px solid #fff;
background:url("citylights.jpg") left no-repeat #91C7F5;
Replace citylight.jpg with your logo. In the event that your theme doesn't have "#image" in the css, then you would edit the template.tpl.

Yeah, since it takes time to get things to look right depending on how complex it is.

How much would you be looking for or how could I make my own theme?

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