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....I just read all 16 pages. Urgh. XD My brain. XD

But yeah! I needed to catch up, I haven't visited this thread for about a year? Time flies!

I'm still super looking forward to the release D: I'm planning on perhaps slowing down the progress of my new site until 1.4 comes out, as if it's going to be too hard to transfer over, it might be easier to just transfer what I can and edit the things I need to afterwards! That means art can be worked on! XD

Is there an idea for a release date yet? Sorry if I'm being impatient, just I can't wait for it to be released!!! XD

And I would love a way to implement real cash bought items and currency into our sites, but I know you've said it won't be in the actual script, HoF, so I really hope it's made into a script when 1.4 is released C:

Yeah, I just wanted to post here so that I have a point that I've read up to..

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