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Default Mysidia will move to a different Webhost soon

Hello everyone, I am announcing that Mysidia will move from the current webhost to a new webhost. We have been with the current webhost for a few years. It started very well and reliable, but recently their support department has gone downhill. Some of you may still remember the mayhem from last summer when they mistakenly assigned my server to a new client of theirs. This resulted in 5 days of downtime and loss of data/files for some of you. The new webhost will be a lot better and more stable/professional, we should have little to no downtime after migration.

During the migration period, you will still be able to access Mysidia most of the time. However, this is not guaranteed, and from time to time you may see inconsistency with the threads/posts available on this forum. This is due to DNS propagation, and should be quickly resolved anyway. Once server migration is completed, I will notify all of you. Incase you have trouble visiting Mysidia by then, clear your browser cache and everything should be fine.

The migration will begin at sometime between this weekend to early next week. I will keep you updated regarding Mysidia's status. I will backup all your files/databases before migration starts, so you will have nothing to worry about.

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