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@ Wallie987:
I will think about this. The concept of Egg Generator/Randomizer is easy, but its difficult to design a customizable generator. There is a chance that it will come out as a Plugin/Mod for those who need it too.

@ GuardianWish:
There will not be a maximum, theoretically you can define as many alternate forms as possible. If you actually pay attention to how the new breeding script works, you will know that it is totally doable. I wont recommend more than 10 alternate forms though for server load considerations.

@ Nemesis:
Time-based stats are infeasible unless I find a way to get the scheduled tasks feature done using pseudo cron-jobs. It may be possible in future, but in Mys v1.4.0 this can be quite challenging.

And yes there will be a way to generate random stats. The new stats system will be able to handle both fixed and random portion of the stats. In fact, each stats can have a range($base value +- $random value) to differentiate adoptables. By Mys v1.4.0 there will be items to increase stats too, you can also set a limit on how many times a stats can be raised with items so that users wont abuse this feature by overpowering their pets.

Regarding battle system, I've planned it as a main new feature for Mys v1.5.0, while Mys v1.4.x will add the necessary pieces for a battle system gradually. Mys v1.4.0 will come with a stats system, Mys v1.4.1 will introduce elements and status ailments, while Mys v1.4.2 will introduce skills/moves. More plans will be unveiled in future after Mys v1.4.0 is complete.

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