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Hello, I might join this discussion with some of my ideas (I have read every page of this thread but I'll be repeating a few of the points/ideas because I might have a different reason for wanting that feature). Anyway, here goes. The text will be in spoilers because it will be too long else XD

1. Multiple Currency System (yeah, it's been mentioned but I wanna share my points on it)

I think that there should be more than one currency because on my site I would like (when it gets popular enough) to move on from having a 'normal' domain name (I dunno what to call it, it's kinda slipped my mind ) to having a custom domain name. I would also like to subscribe to any of the websites that I need to use to keep the script on the internet, to make the site faster loading and make it stop doing that annoying thing where no one can log on because the sites (the host, the script loader thing, etc.) are being overloaded with visitors. If I subscribe, it might get better (I don't know, I've never subscribed before) and will allow me to edit the script during peak times of the day and also allow for better traffic on my site.

I waffled on a bit there.... but basically that currency would be one that users pay for (either using paypal or maybe even give them a choice of linking a credit card to their account, without giving their card info away might I add... so that would mean that admins and mods could maybe delete the card but not see too much info about it, for safety). You could also have a donate button, but it would be better, I think, if they get something from their paying. I dunno. Talking too much again >.<.... anyway! You could also have other currencies (like suggested) that maybe drop when exploring, or you get for logging in, or you get for reaching a certain milestone with your adoptables (level wise, or maybe even stage wise)... I can't think of much else to add for currencies. Next idea! XD

2. A Forum (again, mentioned, but here are my views!)

If you could have a forum on the actual script I would be so, so, so HAPPY! XD This would mean NO MORE using those free forum websites (just another thing to pay for to get a domain name...) and would save people a lot of time and, possibly, money (if they pay for a domain name). This would allow people to keep their one log in name and stuff from the actual website and they wouldn't have to create a seperate account for the forum. It'll be easier for users and admins/mods alike. This could also tie into the currency system by allowing users to maybe find random events on random forum pages that when clicked offer a certain amount of forum money (that could be spent in a special shop)? You could also have it keep the theme of the site! I always find it a bit annoying how you must adapt and change the theme of your site just for the forum and, if it was included in the script, you wouldn't have that hassle! :D

3. A Clothing System (I think it was mentioned... can't remember... it's like 1 in the morning here >.<)

Right, time to get technical (well, for me anyway...). OK. For the clothing system, I am going to use examples (I know you would probably understand but I need to use them to get my thoughts right). Basically, my idea (and probably other users as well) is that you have a layer system. Each item is assigned a different numbered level. For example let's say that we have 5 items/clothes/whatever (each with a different number):

A hat
A hairstyle
A top
A skirt (the example is gonna be a girl)
And some trousers/leggings (they go under skirts sometimes)

Here is my base image (note that I did this when extremely tired, not being interested in drawing, not having my tablet, and therefore using my mouse pad... sorry for the rubbishness and the stick figuriness XD):

Here is my image before any layers or clothes or whatever:

Now, lets say that you added a hat (ignore what level it would be for now).... the image would now look like this:

Now you can add levels.... the actual adoptable would be level '1' (AKA the bottom layer) and the hat, which is above the adoptable would become level '2'. Next image, time to add hair!

The hair would be above the adoptable layer (level 1) (it could be below but for this it's above). But, it's below the hat. Therefore the hat can no longer be a level 2 item and must be a level 3 item. (This would be decided before hand and you obviously have to be careful when you decide what level each thing would be, in case you mess it up). The levels are:

The adoptable is level '1'
The hair is level '2'
And the hat is level '3'

Next one (adding a top!):

With the top, you can see that it is above the adoptable image, above the hair image (this is so that the hair doesn't appear as if it is weirdly disproportioned) and doesn't really affect the hat image. I do understand that there are some flaws with this idea because you can have hair that goes over tops (maybe a few strands) but this is just a really, REALLY basic idea... as in not really thought through 101% XD

The levels are now:

The adoptable, still level 1
The hair is still level 2 (above the adoptable)
The top is gonna be level 3 (above both)
And the hat will just be bumped to level 4 (even though it isn't affected by the top)

Now lets do the next, the skirt!:

For this the skirt is above the adoptable (level 1), and the top (level 3). It doesn't affect the hat or hair. The levels are now:

Adoptable, level 1
Hair, level 2
Top, level 3
Skirt, level 4 (goes above all of the images except the hat, but obviously you could have it go below the top if you want...)
Hat, level 5 (is bumped up again)

The hat will just get bumped up again and again (but can be decided by the admin person/owner person)

Phew, now lets do the final image which is the leggings/trousers:

Really, the trousers go below every layer EXCEPT the adoptable image, which will always (in this example) be level 1. You could have backgrounds though that are level 1 and the adoptable image above it...

New levels:

Adoptable, level 1
Trousers, level 2 (pretty much because it is below everything)
Hair, level 3 (bumped up)
Top, level 4 (bumped up)
Skirt, level 5 (bumped up)
And hat, level 6 (bumped up again)

That is pretty much it, everything has a layer predetermined by the owner of the site (it will be a LOT of work, but worth it when finished). You could maybe even name each level? Such as 'hats', 'tops', 'trousers', or 'backgrounds'. That would just be so you can see what category everything fits into. It'll be easier and more organised if you name them (maybe add it into the admin CP, so that you can add levels, rename them and change their orders and stuff). This is a REALLY basic idea, and you would maybe have to only do it with adoptables that use the same outline.

Another idea would allow you to actually add different images for EACH individual item, therefore allowing one item, with one image from the shop, automatically detect what adoptable it is (or species, maybe upload different images for each species, and it detects what species the creature is and so when you buy it, it fits every species, or the ones that the owner has said it would fit). This would allow you to conserve space in the shops so that you don't have ten different versions of the same item in the same colour clogging up the whole store page... just an idea.

It would also allow you to have items that can only be equipped to a certain species, like a bridle on a horse, seeing as the image would only fit the horses shape, and not for example a dog's. Alright, I think this is enough for the clothing idea (you could have a page dedicated to your clothes in your inventory, maybe called a wardrobe? Or whatever you want). Let's move on.

4. A Questing System (this is just something I would like in the future... not something that I NEED implemented now, it's just a good idea)

For the questing system it could have a base for the person setting the quest to use. As in, you set what page and add the page text and images (like you do any time), and then you add a quest to that page. You name it and stuff and set what things must be completed and then get up and go! For instance:

You have a pet (just a normal pet) site. You want to set a quest where the person doing it must have 5x Dog Biscuits in their possession to give to a lady for her... I dunno... Shiba Inu... XD

The lady's image is on the quest page and underneath it it could say:

"I have ran out of Dog Biscuits for my darling Shiba Inu! Please, this is most urgent, bring me 5x Dog Biscuits and I'll give you a reward!"

Underneath that, it could say:

Required: 5x Dog Biscuits

Reward: 10 Puppy Cash, 1 Bottle of Water

Underneath THAT, there could be a button that says, 'Hand in quest?' (You could change it by editing the text script) The button could be grayed out though until you have the Dog Biscuits required in your inventory. Or you could still be able to click it but it could pop up with the text, 'Insufficient Items. You do not have the [5x Dog Biscuits] required. Please come back when you have them.'

If you DO have them, you could click the button and the lady can thank you (with whatever message you want her to say) and the dog biscuits can be removed from your inventory and the puppy cash, and the bottle of water, added to your account. You could even set it so that some quests you can constantly redo, some you can only redo once EVER, and maybe it even erases itself from your list of available quests?, and some you can only redo every so often (maybe set a time limit, like you can redo it 24 hours after the last time you have done it, to prevent spamming of rewards). I would really like to see this added, as either a mod, but preferably in the actual script itself... there could even be different types of quests. Three that spring to mind are:

An item quest (like in the above example)

An explore quest (you might have to explore somewhere and find a creature, it could even be a place that is tied into a certain quest and each page is randomly generated, as you click buttons to navigate, out of a list of pages that the owner has created for that quest) You could have to keep searching until the right page pops up. The more pages you create, the more there are to explore! (You could even set the percentage chance of the right page appearing, to give a better, or worse, chance of finding what is needed.)

A talking quest (as in you speak to an NPC to complete it)

These quest types could even be combined to create super long, and super detailed quests. You could have to find an item, by exploring in that quests area, then turn it in. Then afterwards, find something else and talk to a different NPC to turn it in, you could have to talk to a few more maybe looking for information.... etc. It could be the way to a more diverse 'world'. Again, though, it would be a LOT of work, but worth it. This could also be ways to creating different 'chapters' of your site. Every so often maybe retire quests and release new ones that you were maybe working on behind the scenes (and then to implement it you just link the first pages to the page it will be available from). Or something...

5. DIFFERENT POTIONS (sorry for the CAPS but this is something that I have always wanted!! XD)

I know that there are a few different types of potions available, but one that I really, really want is one that can not just change the adoptable image to it's alternate outcome, but one that can actually change the image of it to another one. So, for example, it's a bit like the clothes... except instead of equipping it, it replaces the image entirely. This would be good for adoptables that can have different colours. Lets do another picture example (again, even though it isn't hard to understand it would help me get my thoughts intact ^.^)

Take this as our base image:

You can see that it is brown, right? Now, say that you had 20'000 Credits on your account (the virtual money) and a potion was 15'000. You didn't mind paying that much money so you bought a potion that changed the colour of your adoptable (again, the species could be detected? And it could change the adoptable depending on species? This could also be a way for you to change an adoptable to an entirely different species, if you wanted...). You could also do that thing like with the clothes where multiple images are put up so that they can fit every species on the site. It doesn't need to change the potion image, you could have a potion bottle as it's image and when you use it, it just replaces the adoptable image with the new adoptable image that has the new colour!

Anyway, lets say the potion is a red one. You buy it (the image is of a red potion bottle) and it has said that it is compatible with your species in the description... you go to your inventory and use it on your species... and the next thing you know, it has been changed! ^.^

Here is the new one!:

Maybe you could have the choice of removing it from your species (when you want your old one back) by going into their equipment and removing it like it is clothes or something? That way it would allow you to equip another one (like a different colour) by replacing the other potion. So maybe you can only have one equipped at the same time and to equip another one, you must remove the other? It could go back into your inventory until such a time as you need it again! XD OK. Now the basic idea is done, you could have potions of unlimited colours or designs (any you could ever think of!), like these:

Anyway, that's the idea.

I think, for now, that's all I can think of.... they are the ideas that I have kinda always wanted on the script! XD I know that some of them have major flaws, but like I said these are just really, really basic ideas.
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