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This has probably been suggested but I'm going to go ahead anyway.

It would be awesome if adoptables could have personalities. Basically when an adoptable is created in the system, a personality for it would be picked randomly from a personalities list. The admins would make this list themselves.

This would probably only work if the adoptables have public stats pages though... otherwise it'd be kind of pointless. The personality would be displayed on the adoptable's stats page or box.

As an example this could be a list an admin would make on their site:
" Calm

and then when an adoptable is created, one of the above would be picked randomly as its personality.

I think this would make users trade and sell their adopts more so that they could get adoptables with their preferred personality. It could also make quests more challenging for sites that have quests, so instead of just "Bring me adoptable Y." it'd be "Bring me a female adoptable Y with a Cheerful personality."
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