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Default Terra Firma: Mythical and Extinct Creatures

Terra Firma is an upcoming adoptable site with a focus on extinct and mythical creatures. Main features will be...

- Extinct Animals and Mythical Beasts
- A library full of facts on the species of Terra Firma
- Explore System
- Multiple shops
- Elemental classes with individual bonuses
- Seasonal events
- Rich lore
- And more!

A lot of a work in progress, so check out the table of the different classes (called "Folds") and see which one you fit into!
Signs are symbols of the Fold. Familiars are Terra Firma's animals attuned to that element. (Don't worry, even if you are not in that Fold, you will be able to obtain those animals.)

And a WIP of the Earth Fold's familiar, the thylacine!
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