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If this is still a problem for you I just came across the same issue when upgrading our site to v1.3.3. It seems like the txt file automatically converts itself in v1.3.2 but in the newest version of Mysidia this is not the case.

What you do is;

Make a copy of the mysidia .htaccess file and open it.
Open your forum htaccess.txt file and copy all of the information within it.
Paste all of the information into the copy of Mysidia's .htaccess file and hit save.

After copying the information just click 'save', if you click 'save-as' it will continue to save it as a .txt file.

When you're finished with that, you have your new forum .htaccess file, just place it into your forum files where the .htaccess is supposed to be located.

Hope this helps.

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