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Originally Posted by Kesstryl View Post
Are you kidding me? This script is great! I love the support it has, the updates, right now it's the best thing out there aside from getting a programmer to code you a game for a fee. I'm grateful for all the hard work put into this. As an artist who is not a professional programmer, this means so much to me, to be able to turn my art into an interactive game. Even if there is ever a paid version and I pay for it, I will always keep the "powered by Mysidia" in the footer because I believe in giving credit where it belongs
Thank you so much for saying this Miss Kesstryl, I really appreciate all these. And yeah, I actually consider the code in Mys v1.3.3 somewhat decent, unlike the previous versions which had quite a bit of spaghetti code. Anyway, I plan to achieve a somewhat professional-looking object-oriented script by Mys v1.4.0, it is going in the right direction. Please do keep following our updates and you will see what I am doing next for Mys v1.3.4 and v1.4.0.

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