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Abronsyth 04-19-2017 02:54 PM

My Offline Project
I'm starting a project to work on breeding a variety of standard size chicken called a Sumatra Chicken. They are very rare in the USA right now, which isn't good for those of us who'd like to develop their show-bird potential. So I am hopeful that my three foundation birds I am raising (only 2 days old right now), will grow into fine quality adults.

My foundation birds consist of;
2 Pullets: Anne and Max
1 Cockerel: Jack

So far everyone looks good. They have proper leg markings (as adults the legs will be all black with yellow undersides), and their beaks look good. They are too young to count the spurs yet (minimum of 2 spurs per foot, 3 is best). It'll be more apparent in a few weeks how they'll turn out.

((Figured I'd share my non-virtual pet project, haha))

Pear 04-20-2017 11:48 AM

Oh, gosh! Those are adorable!! I wish you the best of success. c:

Will you be posting more pictures of your progress in the future?

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