View Full Version : Longer Shoutbox

08-20-2011, 02:28 PM
Well by longer, I mean more shouts before it starts over-writing them on the page.
(Strong suggestion to developers working on the official releases, make the shoutbox store the shouts and let people browse the old shouts)

Open: shoutbox.php
Find: (Around line 14) NOTE: You will not find this exact line as I replaced the number of shouts to show with the # sign
$query = "SELECT * FROM ".$prefix."shoutbox ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 0, #";

Replace with: (I put 20 as an example, as that's what I use on my website)
$query = "SELECT * FROM ".$prefix."shoutbox ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 0, 20";

Now say you put 50, that's going to make one longggggg page considering this script does not use much control of the shoutbox shout div, so add the following to any/every theme's css on your website
overflow: auto;

I feel 400px is adequate room to show shouts at a basic level, and the overflow tag is set for once, and only once the shouts break past 400px long it will then add a scroll bar.