View Full Version : Mys v1.2.x Mods

  1. Newest Member Recognition Mod [by Kae]
  2. Secure Random Adoption V2
  3. Trouble Ticket Mod
  4. Multiple Alternate Image Plugin
  5. Delete All Messages in Inbox Mod [by Kae]
  6. Convert Mys v1.1.x Addons/mods to Mys v1.2.x?
  7. EpicStats Plugin [by Kae]
  8. Extra BBcode
  9. Side Shoutbox Mod
  10. Slotmachine
  11. slotmachine.php, the slotmachine from the levelup, but for the arcade!
  12. Custom design pets
  13. Modification Dictionary
  14. Slim down profile
  15. Longer Shoutbox
  16. IP Tracking/Account Limiter
  17. Hall of Famer's Gender Ratio Mod v1.2
  18. [Updated] AJAX Sortable Adoptables on "myadopts.php" Page
  19. Hall of Famer's Evolution Mod v1.2
  20. Better Messages Buttons
  21. Squiby-like site tutorial
  22. Admin Notes
  23. New Users auto redirect to page
  24. Make users make their own website on your site ...
  25. GD images
  26. Click X adoptables to receive a special adoptable