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Mysidia Adoptables is a proud product from Mysidia Inc., owned by Hall of Famer. Hall of Famer took over the development of this adoptables script back in Mid-January 2011, and a huge number of new features have been worked on since then. With Mysidia Adoptables, you can create a highly customized adoptables site with click-based level up system. Main features of Mysidia Adoptables are listed below:

------Simple Installation and site configuration, together with a basic admin control panel to manage adoptables, users and more
------Adoptables Creation with primary/alternative outcomes, levels, adoptables pricing and more
------Users Registration, Usergroups and usergroup-based Permissions
------Custom pages creation in admin control panel with protected/private pages possible
------customizable dropdown navlinks and sidebar modules
------Advanced Style/Theme Management in which admins can generate styles/css from ACP easily
------Upload and use supported image formats (JPG, GIF and PNG) on your site
------Private Message and Visitor Message/Profile Comment System
------Management of your own adoptables from My Adopts page
------Click-based levelup System and Earn money through clicking
------Daycare Center for aspiring users to click baby adoptables
------Tabbed User profile page, with profile comments, about me, adoptables, friendlist and contact info
------A shoutbox that allows your members to discuss your site
------Power Trade System, users can create various types of trade offers while admins have full control over trades.
------Powerful Breeding System, admins can make as many flexible rules about the conditions and outcomes for breeding
------Session-based Who's online page, refresh every 5 minutes.
------Well-established Friends/Friendlist system
------Search Engine that sorts each individual result by reference
------Items/inventories and basic item functions with ACP integration
------Itemshop and AdoptShop available for users to purchase goods
------CKEditor available for private messages, shoutbox and admin creating pages/articles
------Integration with MyBB forum software available
------Promocode system that allows admins to give unique codes to users for adoptables, items and special pages
------Pound script that allows users to abandon their pets and adopt pounded pets, with powerful ACP integration
------Multi-Alternate Forms/Images for adoptables
------Turn Features/Sub-systems on/off in ACP

More new features will arrive in future Mysidia Adoptables releases. Please keep an eye on this official site and its support forum to keep track with our updates.