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Hosting your adoptables site

You may play with a devbox at the beginning, but eventually you will need to find a reliable hosting option to deploy your site and make it available across the world wide web. With Mysidia Adoptables, you can try the following hosting options.

Free Hosting with Mysidia

While your site is small and traffic isnt heavy, it is a very good choice to start with free hosting. You can find a free webhost, but most of them have extremely strict rules and sometimes the script will not work well on free hosts without a bit of tweaking. The good news is that, Mysidia Adoptables offers free hosting for clients who are willing to develop their sites actively.

To use Mysidia Adoptables' free hosting services, you will need to create a hosting account on Mysidia's hosting website, which can be found on the following link below. The first link takes you to the official page of Mysidia Host, and the second link will direct you to ordering a hosting package.

Mysidia Host Official Page

Mysidia Host Ordering Package

When you see a list of hosting packages, click the 'Order Now' button for option 'Mysidia Free'(since only free hosting is available right now), which will take you to the checkout page. This is where you will need to enter information about your site/domain(which should be in the format of yoursitename.mysidiahost.com), and select additional services for adoptables script installation and forum installation. Once all is set and done, click the 'Place Order' button and you will have created a hosting account. The login and other credentials will be sent to you through an email, please make sure to check it.

Once you have signed up and created a hosting account, you will be able to access your site, cpanel and ftp already. If you have ordered additional services such as adoptables script installation, we will process your requests at the end of the day(in the evening after dinner time usually), and you can have a fully working site up and running quickly. If for some reason your additional services are not handled, please send Hall of Famer a PM and he will take care of everything from there.

For advanced users, you can also register a domain of your own from a domain registrar such as namecheap.com, and point it to mysidia server. If you need assitance to this, please send Hall of Famer a message and he will give you guidance on how it is possible.

At this moment Mysidia only offers free hosting services, but paid shared hosting services may be available in future if many users start to run sites with heavier traffic that demands much more bandwidth and disk spaces. Mysidia's hosting service is still in its early stage, we welcome any comments and suggestions. Note there is one condition for using Mysidia's hosting service, that your site needs to be actively developed or maintained. If no activity is spotted after 30 days, your site will be suspended. Another 30 days(a total of 60 days) of inactivity will result in it being deleted. The reason is that we have limited resources, and we give priorities to clients who love the script and are actively developing their sites.

Paid Hosting with 3rd party service providers

If you have a site with considerable amount of traffic, and a free hosting package will not suffice, you may need to look for paid services from 3rd party hosting companies. Mysidia is partnered with 99webs.org, and you can get its paid hosting services by sending a message to the user Nemesis on the forum. 99webs offers shared hosting services from $5-$10/month, and it is a very viable choice for clients who are willing to pay only a small amount for hosting services.

In case your site grows extra big and a cheap hosting service will not suffice, you may want to consider using VPS or even purchase a dedicated server from a hosting company. Mysidia recommends liquidweb.com, which also hosts Mysidia's own dedicated server. You can also find other VPS/Dedicated hosting providers from google, which is beyond the scope of this article.