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  1. Looking for a programmer
  2. Writer
  3. PHP programmer wanted (paid)
  4. Looking for writers and programmers :)
  5. Artists needed for adoptables site
  6. Looking for PHP programmer (paid)
  7. Looking for Rat Artist!
  8. Programmer For Hire
  9. Seeking Mysidia coder
  10. I have a dream but I'm useless
  11. Looking for an artist
  12. Need a pixel artist to help make adoptables!
  13. Looking for code writer
  14. Need a pixel artist!
  15. Looking for staff for reboot?
  16. Trading High Quality Art for Web Design
  17. I've decided I fail at websites, so, Writer here
  18. artist(me) + coder(you) = site(?)
  19. Halp with coding? :3
  20. Looking for people to create color swatches and markings?
  21. Help with lineages and showing children
  22. Looking for someone to help with coding
  23. PKMNS! Hiring Developer
  24. [SE] Looking for coders and artists
  25. Need writers!!! BADLY!
  26. generationsaber.com needs a staff...
  27. Looking For Sketches
  28. Looking for Coders
  29. [NEW] In need of staff for my site.
  30. Just needing sprite touchups
  31. My Little Pony FiM Project...?
  32. Hiring!
  33. Help Coloring Adoptables
  34. Looking for artists
  35. Description Writer(s) Needed!
  36. Shading Adoptables?
  37. Searching for a coder: offering art or co-ownership
  38. looking for pixel artist to make items
  39. Looking for coder
  40. PHP Coders?
  41. Offering item art in exchange for pet art.
  42. [WANTED] Beta Testers and Rattery Owners
  43. Searching for a coder!
  44. [Testing?] Crystal Hollow
  45. I Need Someone To Help Me Upload Mysidia To My Main Site
  46. Looking to hire a coder.
  47. Midnight Howl [We need Artist & Colorists really bad]
  48. Writer Wanted
  49. Does Anyone Know A Cheap Domain Service?
  50. News feed script?
  51. Staff needed for Crystal Hollow
  52. Needing a Dog Artist
  53. Need GOOD Pixel Artist
  54. Coder needed. Willing to pay. c:
  55. Looking for an artist
  56. Garden Creatures - Looking for staff!
  57. Looking for someone to code for me :)
  58. Artist needed.
  59. PetAdoptables.com is Looking for a Long-Term Coder
  60. Magic Valley
  61. Looking For Staff (Caterpillar Cave)
  62. 99webs.org looking for staff
  63. Artist needed for makinf dragons.
  64. Looking for a pixel artist
  65. Looking for someone to create me a theme.
  66. Rat Templates/Box Pixel Needed
  67. Host Reviews Needed
  68. Searching for Coder (Short-term or long-term)
  69. Need a coder quote
  70. need coder
  71. Dragon Glitch: Seeking Long-term coders/artists
  72. Foxmere Vale - In need of Staff
  73. In need of a coder..
  74. staff needed!
  75. Eternia - needs staff
  76. Seeking a coder + artists~
  77. Sprite Artist For Hire
  78. Looking for someone to help me build an alert system
  79. Felkyo looking for coders!
  80. Looking for someone to install Mys 1.3.3
  81. Looking For Help With Website Theme!
  82. Need help with site features
  83. Art for coding?
  84. Seeking Advanced PHP Coder (PAID)
  85. Safirina Needs Color Artists and Coders!
  86. Cartel: Hiring Artists + Coders!
  87. Looking for Staff/Co-Owners
  88. CARTEL: Variety of Positions OPEN!
  89. Searching for Coder to work on Cartel long-term!
  90. Fox Forest: Coder Wanted!
  91. Coder for atrocity needed!
  92. Looking for coder, payment possible
  93. Staff needed!
  94. Atrocity needs staff members!
  95. Temp Coder needed
  96. Looking to Hire Future Coder
  97. Petheroes - Adoptable Site (Need help)
  98. Hire Me!
  99. Trade Art for code?
  100. PAID Coder needed
  101. Need help with mods, willing to pay
  102. Looking for Co-Admin
  103. Hire Me As Coder
  104. Artist for hire
  105. Seeking Coder - Paid work
  106. Paid temp coder needed for post-migration overhaul
  107. Looking for artist/mod job
  108. Working as a coder
  109. Looking for someone to code a Mweor style Petsite
  110. Looking for programmers and designers!
  111. PixelPonyClub - Paying for Coder help